We collect data

Data across all industries and markets.
Data from every country and region in the world.
Datasets, big and small, about anything and everything.

What We Do

We’re on a quest to gather the world’s data.

Across industries and categories:

We gather datasets from all industries, from industrial to information technology, and across a wide range of topics, from web traffic to weather.

From anywhere in the world:

We’re also looking for data about any region in the world, whether that’s a continent, country, city, or even county.

And of all shapes and sizes:

No dataset is too big, too small—or too specialized. Maybe you’ve got a list of mergers and acquisitions in the past 50 years. Or satellite imagery of cars in parking lots.

Who We Are

We use data to inspire ideas and seek to forecast the future.

At Two Sigma, data drives everything we do. It’s how we make connections and discover value in markets around the world. Our scientists and technologists are experts in how to find and handle data—everything from discovery to onboarding to analyzing to storing.