A Global Research Platform

For top data scientists around the world.
To collaborate on cutting-edge research problems.
At the intersection of data science, prediction modeling, and finance.

What We Do

We offer paid, part-time opportunities through our online research platform.

Learn how to apply science and technology to financial research. No finance experience needed.

Take part in a global community of top scientific talent.

Work from where you are, on your own schedule.

Who We Are

A global community of data scientists and researchers.

Since day one, Two Sigma has brought together curious and talented people who apply a scientific approach to tough financial problems. And since the world’s data keeps growing (and growing and growing), we’re growing with it.

With AlphaStudio, we’re scaling our research through a global platform, allowing us to engage with even more brilliant minds from around the world.

Our Process

How It Works

Contact us to let us know you're interested.

We’ll invite you to our online Data Science Challenge.

You complete the Challenge when (and where) you want.

We might engage you for paid, part-time research opportunities from wherever you are.